The body is a complex organism. Science is still baffled by many of it’s intricacies. The culture of the east has a long and established theory or philosophy on the metabolism of our being. This is rooted in the concept of YIN & YANG. This theory of Yin & Yang is utilised with the application of acupuncture. It is stated that there is the microcosm and the macrocosm, between the human body and it’s environment.

By maintaining homeostasis [balance, equilibrium] our bodies will function to it’s optimum performance.

During our daily routines however, we find our bodies exposed or subjected to many forces. These can include; pathogenic factors, mental and emotional stress, physical damage and stressors, environmental changes, pollutants and poisons.

All of these variables upset or change the fine balance our bodies need to maintain a healthy being. When an imbalance occurs it would be like a dam being placed across a stream which has a healthy ecosystem. Now, behind the dam the water backs up and begins to flood all the terrain and obscures the profile of the landscape. Below the dam, the stream becomes dry. The fish and the lush plants die, the bed cracks and the animals move away to another water supply.

The skilled acupuncturist has to determine where the blockage is and more importantly what has caused it. With the subtle and judicious placement of the needles the flow of the stream can be restored.

Because the human body is such a finely made and balanced organism we don’t need to attack it with great explosive devices to remove the dam. We need to gently remove it, rock by rock and stick by stick. Otherwise, there would be a huge flood and everything downstream would be pushed out to sea.
This gentle approach is typical of the Classical Style of acupuncture practiced at The Energy Centre.

What is Oriental Medicine?

More videos about Oriental Medicine can be found on the AIMC Berkeley youtube channel here.

What health conditions can be Restored?

An immense array of acute and chronic pathologies are effectively restored with acupuncture. Most acute problems respond very quickly and patients have been amazed how fast their pain has disappeared. Stress from emotions and lifestyle can also be effectively managed using acupuncture. Age has no limitation on its effectiveness. Please note, the longer a condition is left unmanaged the more time is required before a noticeable improvement is made.

But I’m scared of Needles!

Don’t be!

Acupuncture involves a variety of styles – some health conditions don’t require needles. Maybe they are necessary, but don’t have to be inserted into the skin.

The style of the health management can be tailored for the individual. Most people who were first fearful of acupuncture tend to be it’s greatest advocates, after they realise that the needles can not be felt throughout the entire session.


Many people have very enjoyable experiences and feel re-vitalised and have increased awareness of their senses following a session. Don’t turn a wonderful experience into a challenge or a phobia, enjoy it!!!!

The needles are a single use, disposable variety of extremely high quality and very fine gauge.

Isn’t It Psychosomatic?

We refer to the terminology “placebo effect”. If this were true then animals like dogs and horses could not have there conditions improved yet this has been proven time and time again. Acupuncture is an effective protocol in assisting with and increasing the speed of recovery of many healing processes.

Scar Tissue Rejuvenation?

Many practitioners are limited to using the filiform needle in their acupuncture “tool kit”. For normalizing scars their knowledge is restricted to “Encircle the Dragon” from their college training days. All great practitioners know that the body adversely reacts to scar tissue. With the understanding of cellular memory, subsequent surgical interventions and other traumas all heighten levels of fibrous lesions, and this promotes a confused structure, consequently decreasing a person’s quality of life. Scar tissue destroys the integrity of the Jing Luo [meridians]. The disruption to the flow of Ki/Qi has immediate effects to the overall physical/mental health of the person. With the passing of time this disruption is exacerbated. Using the 3rd of the 9 Classical needles, a non-insertive technique, can restore the natural structure of the mesentery layers over the abdomen. This allows the flow of Ki to be restored to normality, as it was prior to the surgical procedure. So, all normal sensitivity returns, the structure of the scar returns to the level of the surrounding skin, including natural colour and texture. These very techniques were presented at the 2016 AGTCM Kongress in Rothenburg o.d.T. in May 2016.

A Skin cancer excisions [6 days later] first session “before photos”

5 days later, the before the second session, left, and after right, using the non insertive technique, unique to The Energy Centre.