How Good Is Massage?

Right back to the very earliest times human beings have stroked or applied pressure to parts of their bodies when there was stiffness, numbness or pain. This instinctive behaviour pre-dates medicine and yet less emphasis is given to it in these modern times. Tension, stress, aches and pains can all be alleviated with the application of digital and palmar pressure.

The earliest mention of massage appeared in Chinese literature around 2700 BC. Hippocrates [460-357 BC] utilised massage but he called it “Anatripsis”.

Regular massage can improve a;range of movement of joints, improve recovery following fatiguing exercise, assist in the prevention of injuries during sporting or physical activities.

Benefits include improved vascular and lymphatic circulation, as well as a more relaxed nervous system. An improved metabolism is achieved from regular massage as waste products are eliminated from the deep tissues.

What Is Shiatsu?

Again another ancient remedy. Developed in Japan, it is a cross between meridian therapy and acupressure. The application of pressure using the finger tips, palms and sides of the hands in harmony and unison with the breathing of the practitioner and the individual.

It is a preventative and curative form of massage that stimulates the body’s ability to recuperate and promote well being.

I’ve Never Heard Of Sotai!!!!

Well, it’s not another Thai Dish. Sotai comes from Japan, and it involves isometric style stretching exercises to improve limited range of movement of joints by involving the side that has the better flexibility.

Sotai was developed by a medical surgeon, Dr Keizo Hashimoto after 50 years of research. He said that the more illness there is, the more distortion occurs with muscular misalignment.

The objective is to correct muscular tonus. The fundamental idea of Sotai is that distortions in the locomotor system can be corrected by moving the joints in comfortable directions. This promotes healing in the circulatory, endocrine and nervous systems.

Please note that Sotai can not help with serious irreversible structural abnormalities.